Custom Instructional Design

Our core competency is in the design and development of customized curriculum for your organization’s needs.  We understand that time equals money and that you want your employees to become proficient and productive quickly.  We believe that is the result of concrete real-world experience followed by feedback and reflection.  We work with you to analyze your learning needs and our world-class designers create programs to suit those needs that are engaging, relevant and, most importantly, effective. Using accelerated learning principles as the foundation, our interactive programs are developed with your objectives in mind, while putting your learners in the driver’s seat of their own success.  Our courses can be facilitated by your training department or through workshops provided by the professional facilitation team at SAVI.

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Facilitator Guide Sample

Facilitator guides typically include a class setup guide, agenda guidelines, A/V requirements, objectives, overview, and prep notes.

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Participant Guide Sample

Participant guides typically include detailed content supporting the lesson objectives.

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Technical Skills TrainingTechnical skills training requires intensive interaction with subject matter experts and skillful interpretation of the information at many levels.



SAVI Learning has experience in developing these types of courses:

These are representative samples of the courses designed and developed by SAVI Learning for its many clients. This is not by any means a complete list. Contact us with your specific needs and we may have a course that can quickly be customized for you.

  • Accreditation Workshop
  • Airline – New Hire
  • Airline – Station Mgr Training
  • Build High Performing Teams
  • Call Center Training
  • Coaching, Compliance – Anti-trust
  • Compliance – Data Trust
  • Culture Changes
  • Change Management
  • Result-Driven Teams
  • Difficult Conversations
  • Diversity Awareness
  • E-Learning Business Introduction
  • Employee Orientation
  • Equal Opportunity in the U.S.
  • Ethics Training
  • Front Line Supervisor Training
  • HR Essentials
  • HR Functional Excellence
  • HR Global Processes
  • HR Renumeration
  • Hydrocarbon Allocation
  • Industrial Relations Awareness
  • Leadership Training
  • Managing and Supporting Change
  • Refinery Scheduling
  • Road Safety
  • Technical Skills Training