SAVI Learning is led by Christine Reyes, President and Chief Learning Officer, who brings both strong and experienced business savvy paired with creative vision that sets the stage for a company with whom you will like doing business.  Highly regarded as a top leader in the training industry, she is deeply committed to the SAVI Learning mission of creating learning, not simply providing training.


  Christine Reyes – President & Chief Learning Officer

For Christine Reyes, designing curriculum and teaching adults is more about inspiring learners than training students. To her, an instructional plan must also be a motivational plan.  She directs her energies to create intrinsically motivating learning experiences for adults with diverse backgrounds, education, and professional experiences.  Incorporating the philosophy that adults want to be successful learners, Ms. Reyes believes the best instruction occurs when participants take responsibility for their own learning.  Her philosophy is simple yet plays a crucial role on how she plans learning and her approach to instruction.  She ensures that learning is meaningful, personal, and purposeful by having real application in a participant’s life.

Ms. Reyes’ prior experience includes 19 years with American Airlines where she helped redesign the new hire customer service agent training program from a traditional classroom to an Accelerated Learning model, which included computer-based training and emphasized practical applications.  This curriculum earned Ms. Reyes the respect of her peers and clients alike and the prestigious ASTD Excellence in Practice Award.  Ms. Reyes has taught employees and leaders of high-profile organizations at American Airlines, Amtrak, Sprint PCS, Northwest Airlines, and Shell Oil.   She holds a Masters in Adult Education (M.Ed.) and Masters in Business Administration (MBA).